Braided Necklace

This project does require quite a bit of patience, but I managed to string all the beads while watching episodes of Cake Boss. I love how the blue beads contrast with the gold, and I created this piece for around $10.


  • Beads (amount depends on how large your beads are and how long you want the braid)
  • String (strong but thin)
  • 6 clam shell crimps
  • Clasp
  • 2 medium sized jump rings
  • Chain (1-2 ft. depending on length of necklace)

Helpful Hints:

  • Use a needle to thread the beads, it made the process go a lot quicker.
  • Put clear nail polish on the string before enclosing it in the clam shell, this will prevent fraying.
  • If you choose a very thin chain like I did, you will need to know the basics of wire wrapping. Some bead stores can help you with this, but this is a great tutorial that gives you all the steps.

Now I just want one in plum and coral! Hope you had a relaxing weekend.


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