Wood Jewelry Hanger Tutorial

Whoops, it’s been a bit since my last post. I guess life has gotten in the way, actually it’s more like my discovery of Homeland and Downton Abbey (my obsession has led to quite a few late nights recently). But last night I finally got around to getting this DIY on the wall.

Let me preface this tutorial with the fact that this is my first foray into wood work, and by wood work I mean using a drill and getting the wood cut at my local hardware store. So the claim that anyone can do this is the truth.

1. Find some colorful and fun knobs, I picked these ones up at Anthropologie, but you can also find them at your local hardware or antique store.

KNobs2. Using the sander smooth the edges and all the sides, this could also be done by hand (particularly if you are looking for a workout). With a sander it took me about ten minutes to make it completely smooth to the touch.

DSC_03133. Rub the stain onto the wood, I used a rag to do this and started lightly and kept adding until I got the color I was looking for. I wanted the stain to vary in darkness so that the wood looked used and old. A paintbrush would work well too.DSC_03195. Allow the stain to dry overnight. Then, mark and drill your holes. With a 16 inch piece of wood, I placed my knobs 3″ apart with 3.5″ on each end.

DSC_03696. I put these metal devices on the back  to hang the piece of wood. I also drilled into the back side with a larger drill bit so that the bolts could rest inside the wood, allowing the back to be flush. backThe final product:
DSC_0374final product



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