Gold Animal Magnets

This is my second magnet making post in two weeks… I guess I just like a fun decorated fridge. While a bit more difficult than these magnets, they are still relatively simple once you get down a system for cutting the animals in half (that sounds somewhat sad, but believe me, it is for the good of the magnets and makes them all the more fun).
SuppliesI used the same spray paint from this post, I got the plastic animals from Michael’s, and the magnets from my hardware store (I got the strong ones because the toys are surprisingly heavy).

DSC_0296 DSC_0311I spray painted both sides of the magnets and cut the animals in half using a hand saw.DSC_0321Then I spray painted the animals from all angles and glued the magnets onto the back after they were dry.

DSC_0389My favorite is the hippo, which one do you like best?

Stay tuned for some holiday inspired snacks.



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