Gluten Free Sugar Cookies: Animal Shapes

titleWith spring just around the corner, these animal sugar cookies were the perfect weekend project. I wanted to try the icing flooding technique and though I probably need to practice a bit more, I think they turned out pretty cute.DSC_1036 DSC_1041Check out these super sweet cookie cutters that I picked up at Ikea for a few dollars. My favorite is the pocupine.
DSC_1044DSC_1048I watched a couple of videos to get the flooding technique down. Basically, you outline the shape and let it sit for a few minutes and begin to harden. Then, you slightly dilute the remaining frosting with a bit of water and pour it into the center of the cookie. Then use a spoon to spread the frosting into the corners of the shape. Here is the recipe I ended up using. The website has a video with lots of tips and tricks for the flooding technique.
DSC_1049 DSC_1057 DSC_1074animal-cookies-directionsIf you end up trying this, let me know how it goes and what cool shapes you end up using.



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