Cake Topper: Bunting

DSC_1304I was able to make this miniature bunting with craft supplies I had lying around, it’s perfect for adding a little decoration to the top of a birthday cake or a bunch of cupcakes.

You’ll need: card stock, stamps, thread, colorful straws, a stamp pad, and some scissorsDSC_12921. Cut out small triangles – mine were about 1.5 inches across by 2 inchesDSC_12932. Prior to sewing across the first triangle, make sure there is about 5 inches of extra thread. After sewing across the first triangle place the second one’s corner directly next to the first’s corner. Continue doing this until the correct amount of triangles are connected. Leave about 5 inches of extra thread on the end.DSC_12953. Stamp a letter on each triangle to spell out the celebratory phrase.DSC_1296 DSC_13014. Use the extra thread on the ends to attach the bunting to the straw. I used a needle to pull the thread through the straws once and then tie off the thread.
Place on a cake or a couple of cupcakes for some simple decoration!