Pom Pom Push Pins

push pin pom pomThese pom-pom push pins are a great way to spruce up a bulletin board and I was able to make them from supplies I already had lying around. All you will need to make them are some colored yarn, flat tacks, and a glue gun.
Push-pin-directions1. You’ll need some brightly colored yarn and tacs
2. Start by wrapping the yarn around two fingers. After approximately 50 wraps, remove the loop carefully from your fingers and lay flat. Cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches long.
3. Lay the wrapped loop of yarn, centered, on top of the 8 inch piece and tie a knot once. Then flip the loop over and tie a double knot on the other side. Try to tie this as tightly as possible.
4. Once tied, cut all the loops.

Lastly, fluff up the ball by rolling it between your hands and trim the yarn so that it begins to form a ball. Try and keep one side of the ball relatively yarn free so that it is flat.pom pom push pinsOn the flat side of the yarn ball, glue the push pins with the glue gun. I found it helpful to glue the push pin onto the pom-pom and then do a second layer of glue around the edges of the push pin so that the pins are extra secure.
yarn push pins

pom pom pins pom pom push pin

I hope you had a great weekend and this adds some spruce to your bulletin board,



Spicy Refrigerator Pickles

Spicy PicklesI’ve always wanted to try canning pickles but the canning process has always made me a little nervous, so I decided to first try the fridge style. These were so incredible easy, I couldn’t believe it. They made great gifts over the holidays and it was simple to double and triple the recipe.picklespickle spices fridge pickles mason jar picklesjar picklesSpicy fridge picklesGet the printable directions here

The garlic and pepper added just the right amount of kick to these pickles, enjoy!


Spicy Rosemary Nuts

Spicy NutsThese nuts ended up being super easy to make and were great to have around as a snack. They had great flavor: sweet, salty, and spicy. You could also switch up the nuts for the combination you would most enjoy. See below to print out the recipe card.
Spicy Nuts 3Spicy Nuts 5Spicy Nuts 4 Spicy Nuts 6Spicy Nuts 1Spicy Nuts DirectionsPrint the recipe card here.

Enjoy the tasty treat,


Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

snowball garlandFor some festive holiday decor, I made a simple white pompom garland. I used white yarn and it ended up looking just like a garland of snowballs, but this would be just as perfect in red and pink for valentines day.garland supplies

For this tutorial, all you need is a spool of yarn (I used about 300 yds for 12 pom poms), bakers twine, and a medium pom pom maker.pom pomI started by wrapping the yarn around each side of the pom pom maker, I ended up doing between 2-3 layers of yarn on each side.
yarn pom pomOnce you’ve wrapped the yarn fully around both sides of the pom pom maker, close both sides and begin cutting all of the loops.yarn pom pom garlandNow that all the loops have been cut, tie a knot around the center portion of the pom pom maker. Use a double knot and make it as tight as possible.snowball yarnOnce you’ve removed the pom pom, trim the ball of any extra yarn. After completing about 10 pom poms, string the yarn balls onto the bakers twine.

Hang on a mantel for some added holiday decor.


Leather Fringe Key Chain

leather key chainI’ve been wanting a leather fringe key chain for a while. But I couldn’t really justify paying for one when I knew it would be incredibly easy to make. When searching for where I could buy leather, I came across a shop in Seattle that sold leather scraps by weight. For four dollars, I got enough leather to make multiple key chains + the key rings. To make one key chain you will need a piece of leather that is at least 7 inches x 3 inches and one key ring.

From the leather cut out pieces in the following dimensions (if you want longer fringe cut the pieces more than 7 inches wide):
key-chain-dimensions-2Next, with the largest piece, cut 7 fringe strips on each side. Each strip should be 1/4 of an inch wide and 2.5 inches long. The center of the piece should remain uncut.

With the medium piece, cut 2 fringe strips on each side, with the same dimensions as before.
leather key chain 3Place the medium piece in the center of the larger piece, with both of the good sides facing down. Wrap the larger piece around the medium piece so that the large piece is essentially folded into thirds. Use a glue gun on the non-fringe portion to secure the leather.
leather key chain 4Slide the piece through the key ring and fold over. Next, glue the tip of the skinny piece to folded over leather, just below the key ring. Wrap the piece around and secure the end with another dot of glue.

leather key chain DIY

Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial,