Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

snowball garlandFor some festive holiday decor, I made a simple white pompom garland. I used white yarn and it ended up looking just like a garland of snowballs, but this would be just as perfect in red and pink for valentines day.garland supplies

For this tutorial, all you need is a spool of yarn (I used about 300 yds for 12 pom poms), bakers twine, and a medium pom pom maker.pom pomI started by wrapping the yarn around each side of the pom pom maker, I ended up doing between 2-3 layers of yarn on each side.
yarn pom pomOnce you’ve wrapped the yarn fully around both sides of the pom pom maker, close both sides and begin cutting all of the loops.yarn pom pom garlandNow that all the loops have been cut, tie a knot around the center portion of the pom pom maker. Use a double knot and make it as tight as possible.snowball yarnOnce you’ve removed the pom pom, trim the ball of any extra yarn. After completing about 10 pom poms, string the yarn balls onto the bakers twine.

Hang on a mantel for some added holiday decor.



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