Pom Pom Push Pins

push pin pom pomThese pom-pom push pins are a great way to spruce up a bulletin board and I was able to make them from supplies I already had lying around. All you will need to make them are some colored yarn, flat tacks, and a glue gun.
Push-pin-directions1. You’ll need some brightly colored yarn and tacs
2. Start by wrapping the yarn around two fingers. After approximately 50 wraps, remove the loop carefully from your fingers and lay flat. Cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches long.
3. Lay the wrapped loop of yarn, centered, on top of the 8 inch piece and tie a knot once. Then flip the loop over and tie a double knot on the other side. Try to tie this as tightly as possible.
4. Once tied, cut all the loops.

Lastly, fluff up the ball by rolling it between your hands and trim the yarn so that it begins to form a ball. Try and keep one side of the ball relatively yarn free so that it is flat.pom pom push pinsOn the flat side of the yarn ball, glue the push pins with the glue gun. I found it helpful to glue the push pin onto the pom-pom and then do a second layer of glue around the edges of the push pin so that the pins are extra secure.
yarn push pins

pom pom pins pom pom push pin

I hope you had a great weekend and this adds some spruce to your bulletin board,



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