Mason Jar Herb Garden

Following the creation of my terrarium, I decided to try another planting project. This time with mason jars and herb seeds, hopefully they’ll be successful.
Mason Jar Herb GardenHerb Garden SuppliesFor each seed type you’ll need: 1 mason jar, a large handful of putting soil, a small handful of pea pebbles, a handful of perlite, herb seeds. You can also buy a kit with all the supplies you need here.
Herb GardenDirections: 1. Start with an inch of perlite. 2. Then put a 1/2 inch layer of pebbles. 3. Followed by 2 inches of soil. 4. Make a small hole in the soil with your finger, about 1 inch deep. 5. Place the herb seeds and the hole and cover with soil. 6. Add water and sunlight.

I’m hoping my seeds will soon grow into plants that I can use in cooking.

Off to enjoy the Seattle sun!